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Admission Office

Stage 1: Application

Families who wish to apply for a place for their child at City Language School are required to visit the school and fill an application form.

Every applicant needs to bring the ‘core documents’ mentioned in the list below.

Core Documents:

  • Parents’/guardian’s passport or ID
  • Your child’s passport
  • Your child’s original birth certificate
  • Your child’s health and immunization documentation
  • The most recent report from your child’s school
  • Previous school year report(s) from your child’s school
  • Any other relevant reports relating to your child’s specific learning needs or requirements

IMPORTANT: Please note that City Language Schools will not process any applications with missing or incomplete documents.

Please note the Application Fee must be paid into our school account before you attend the interview and assessment

Stage 2: Interview and Assessment

Once we have processed your application, an interview and assessment for your child will be scheduled. A member of our admissions team will provide information on the interview and assessment.
Our team will meet with the parents and the child to discuss the application and the child’s specific interest, needs and talents.

Stage 3: Offer

Successful applicants will receive a letter offering a place at the American City International School for their child within one week of attending the interview. The letter will be accompanied by an Acceptance Form and our Terms and Conditions.

Stage 4: Acceptance

To accept an offer of a place for your child, the signed and completed Acceptance Form must be accompanied by the signed Terms and Conditions and a non-refundable Registration Fee.