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City Schools History

  • The school has been built 22 years ago since 1/7/1990 and it was the first private school in the 6th of October city (Al Hay Al Motamayez).

  • The school takes a great advantage by its unique place on three main streets (Alzohour St. Mohammad Refaat Abdallah Alnadim).

  • The school also lies near to the main mosque of the neighbourhood and also its big market(Atlas market).

  • The school is 15 minutes away from Lebanon square.

  • The school is built on three acres and characterized by its large buildings and by its roomy playgrounds and classrooms.

  • The school was the first to serve the population of the city which was the first of the new cities to offer this excellent educational service.

  • The school owns 17 buses(10 inside 6th of October and Sheikh Zayed and the rest are in El Mohandessin Zamalek-Garden City-Down Town-Maadi-Faisal.

  • The school offers all types of education(Arabic-English-French-International).

  • Qualification of specialized Human cadres in all specialties via the training unit.



The development of the moral and emotional aspect as well as the skills of the learner The development of the main skills of the learner in addition to health and physical care The activation of the school activities for discovering the talents in order to be the starting point of the small inventor The activation of multimedia laboratories for the best use of modern technology Training specialized human cadres in all aspects using the training unit Enriching positive values and ethics to create patriotism and love for the country The activation of community participation to develop the school performance