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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

  • Dear parents,

  • We are honoured to present our group of schools of City. We have many branches:

  • The branch of the ACC and BCC in Zamalek, International American and British sections.

  • The branch of the CLC in Mohandessine, English section.

  • The branch of 6 October City National English and French, and International American sections.

  • In our school, the National English section we have different Stages:

  • Kindergarten Stage

  • Primary Stage

  • Preparatory Stage

  • Secondary Stage

  • Our school has the pleasure to accept students from different nationalities in an approach of integrating them into the Egyptian texture and for the sake of developing and reinforcing the English language.

  • We also integrate a second language (French or German) to enrich the linguistic abilities of the students starting from the first primary.

  • Remarkably, our students achieve high ranks and impressive grades in all stages.

  • Besides, our school allows and consolidates social interaction among the students, their families and their communities.

  • City Schools are committed to the enlightenment of the society and our country through developing and adding up to the Educational Scheme.